czwartek, 30 stycznia 2020

Simple science experiments you can do with your child at home!

Materials: soda, vinegar, oil, food coloring, jug, glass, syringe or pipette
What to do:
  • Pour vinegar into a glass, then add food coloring to it
  • Add one baking soda to the jug, then gently pour oil into it
  • Take coloured vinegar with a pipette or syringe and gradually drip it into the jug

The drops of colored vinegar drop into the jug with oil and soda and slowly sink to the bottom. They settle on the surface of the soda and there is a reaction. As a result of the combination of vinegar (acid) and soda (base), gas - carbon dioxide (CO2) is formed, which surrounds droplets of vinegar and they become lighter and rise. When our droplets rise to the surface of the oil, the gas escapes and the heavier drops fall back to the bottom and the reaction repeats.

Materials: milk, dish soap, q-tips, food coloring, shallow plate
What to do:
  • Fill the plate with milk.
  • Add different colors of food coloring
  • Generously dip the end of a q-tip in dish soap.
  • Dip the q-tip into the milk next to a drop of color.

The molecules in the dish soap are attracted to the fat molecules in the milk. As soon as you introduce the soap to the milk/coloring mixture the molecules race around trying to bond. The food coloring gets pushed around in the process and appears to burst. Eventually the molecules all bond and the reaction stops.
Materials: 8 packages (80 grams x 8) of baking soda, shaving cream, bowl
What to do:
  • Pour baking soda into a bowl.
  • Add some shaving cream and mix it with baking soda.
  • Add more shaving cream, mix and repeat until the mixture is the consistency of snow
  • Leave the "snow" in the fridge for one hour

This "snow" will give your child a lot of joy. Making snowballs, playing with favourite toys in the snow is a great sensory experience. Kneading and forming enriches manual skills and streamlines fine motor skills. It perfectly affects children's imagination.

Materials: boiled egg (with shell), glass, vinegar.
What to do:
  • Pour vinegar into a glass
  • Put the egg into the glass with vinegar
  • Leave the egg for at least 24 h
  • Take the egg out of the vinegar and rinse it with water.

The shell will rub off. The eggshell is made of calcium carbonate. Vinegar ‘eats up’ the calcium carbonate in the egg shell and the egg becomes soft and gummy.

Autor: Justyna - Absolwentka studiów licencjackich na Uniwersytecie Warszawskim na kierunku Pedagogika małego dziecka o specjalizacji: edukacja przedszkolna i wczesnoszkolna z wczesnoszkolnym nauczaniem języka angielskiego.

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