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Summer time planning

Are you wondering where to take your child on this vacation? Where to go with children for the weekend? Are you looking for a cool theme park, interesting places or other attractions for children? I already found some nice places and wrote them down that I am definitely planning to visiting this year, hence can and you such a list will be useful :) Here are interesting attractions for children in Poland, several places to visit in this holiday :)

I have chosen places (which in my opinion) will be fun for preschoolers :) Mainly various theme parks, pets etc. It's my wish list, so I will have myself to pick up where to go with my children in the future.

1. Magic gardens
Magical Gardens in Janowiec are the "sensory garden" for kids. Here fables, science, nature mix together. So you can meet the caterpillar and the dwarf and garden with fragrant flowers. Very cool point to awaken your child's curiosity and sensitivity. And really everyone wants to see these great carrots from the photos. For a family ticket for our four of us should pay 69 zł (one child less than 100 cm). Park site: magiczneogrody.com/

2. Jura Park Solec Dinosaur Park
There are about 20 dinosaur parks in Poland. Jura Park Solec has over 100 dinosaurs of real size, some playground, insects, winter garden. I type it a little because of the location on the map, but also the plan of the park seems to me abundant in these dinosaurs. The entrance fee should be around 56 PLN, because children up to 4 years come in for free. Park site: juraparksolec.pl/ and I recommend to you a full report from the Park Dinosaurs Solec Kujawski.

3. Microcosmos
At some age children are fascinated by worms, bugs, flies and other wonders. All these garbage, germs and other toys did not come out of nowhere. Microcosm is a park with giga worms. 25 giga worms, 25 microorganisms and supposedly cool garden. For entry and family tickets we should pay 40 zł. Park site: www.mikrokosmos.edu.pl/ and I would like to recommend to you a full report from the Microcosm.

4. Farm of ilussion
The flying balloon house, overturned house, tunnels, mirrors, small big chairs, magic tables, etc. is the Farm of Illusion. A little like this enchanted world for small and big. I already know that I liked it, one of the cooler places on the map of attractions in Poland. Necessary to visit, and full report here: Farm of Illusion. We should pay 84 zł (one child up to 100 cm). Page: farmailuzji.co.uk/

5. Labyrinths Bliziny
All kids like labyrinths, so I think they'll like it. Labyrinth of corn, labyrinth of straw, wooden. It looks like you can get a good "wow" :) At the entrance we should pay about 48 zł if we get together with two children before 4 birthday (up to 4 years free). Swiatlabiryntow.blogspot.com/

6. Africarium
The coolest oceanarium complex. Fish, tunnels, and penguins downstairs are all WOW! Children were difficult to peel off. About Africa read the entry Wroclaw with children. Africa is part of the zoo (you can go see the rest of the animals later) for a ticket for our four we paid 120 zł (family, because it paid more than two normal and one reduced to 3 free). http://afrykarium.com.pl

I hope that although some of you will benefit from the help that I have here for you, and together with the whole family will choose to stay in one of these six wonderful places and will give your children an unforgettable play and adventure. I look forward to feedback on places you visited!! By the way, I would like to wish all the kids safe, wonderful, sunny and family holidays!!

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