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How to get kids to eat more vegetables?

It is a matter of which probably a lot of parents have to deal with. Period between autumn and winter time is start slowly and our children get sick more often.  Unfortunately they do not want to eat fruits or vegetables which allow them at least a little to maintain the proper level of vitamins in their bodies which are necessary to protect them from some diseases or simple cold.
 If you want make them eat try these tips:
Keep a bowl of fruit on the kitchen table for a quick, easy snack
Always have freshly cut vegetable sticks in the refrigerator
When you make a pancakes add bananas or berries
Provide dried fruit instead of candy

Eat Together
If you snack on fruit in front of your kids, they’re more likely to meet their fruit and vegetable requirements, according to a new study in Appetite. Krisena Borenstein, a mother of two children aged three and four, has seen this type of role mode
ling work firsthand. While her kids loved berries, they wouldn’t try apples or pears. Watching their father crunch into apples eventually piqued their interest enough to want “What Daddy eats?”

Don't Give Up
Your kid can be very picky. It may take as many as 10 to 15 tries with a new food before a child is willing to accept it.
Think about color, smell and texture when introducing a child to a new food. A child may enjoy raw crunchy broccoli but not cooked broccoli in casseroles, or soft canned peaches but not freshly sliced peaches
Be a positive role model. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables
Encourage your child to try new foods in a comfortable meal environment
Make it smaller, maybe your kid is not able to eat the whole apple, then it is better when you make a small slices of it
Tell them how fruits and vegetables are great for our body, you can even say a little lie secrets like bananas are amazing for our eyes or muscles, make them to believe it!

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