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For all mothers is dedicated

How hard it is to be a mother and at the same time to think sensibly and not to forget that your son or daughter is just a child and deserves to have an ordinary childhood, without a dozen additional classes, circles, etc.

Nowadays, it's rather difficult to cope with this task, because we are constantly pressured by advertisements with all sorts of announcements about super new development methods, and also other moms on playgrounds talk incessantly as their 3-year-old child reads and recites poems. And we, mothers, subconsciously begin to compare our child with others, "ask" Google what the child should be able to do at this age and, at last, begin to worry if he or she does not lag behind their peers. Later, we convulsively begin to teach them numbers and letters, give scissors and make them learn a new poem by heart... But our beloved child struggles in every way and resists to learn new things.

And for the mothers of boys the situation is even worse. Coming to the playground, you instinctively look at these well-mannered girls who sit in beautiful dresses on the bench and play quietly with dolls, while your hooligan makes his pants dirty in 5 minutes and runs around the area with a gun.
And believe me, I am even in worse situation, than you are, as working in kindergarten, I reluctantly compare my child to others and every time I become a little uncomfortable with other parents or colleagues for his not always good behavior.

And you know, I'm not alone. Every day I talk with parents, who, just like me, worry about things which are totally unimportant.

So, dear moms, I know that it's hard, but I ask you (and me too :) to relax a little bit, to give the child his deserved right to be a child. Our children still have time to learn how to read and write, they will have tons of homework in the future. I do not want to say not to teach them anything, but just do not overdo and, first of all, calm down and take everything easy.

Praise the children actively for their success and encourage them when there are failures. Always remain true friends for your children and be on their side. After all, a good, trusting relationship in which the parent respects the child, and the child respects the parent is, perhaps, the most important thing.

Autor: Ludmiła - Absolwentka Narodowego Uniwersytetu Pedagogicznego w Kijowie na kierunku: Anglistyka/ Lektor języka angielskiego. Od ponad 8 lat pracuje z dziećmi jako nauczyciel jęz. angielskiego.

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