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3 Sensory Christmas Activities

If your child needs some sensory stimulation, there is no better time than Christmas. Involve your little one into Christmas activities by showing him or her some simple advice that I present below.

Sprinkles, sprinkles…
Use the popular decorative elements to stimulate your child’s sensory apparatus. Even putting sprinkles on some gingerbreads will give them a lot of joy, but you can use some “variations” when it comes to this subjects. You can use the popular M&M candy, sweet peas (very popular in Poland!) or to be less directed onto the sweets “area” – coconut shrims. I particularly like the idea of using an ice-cream cone, turning it upside-down and decorate it as a Christmas Tree. Very simple, but in my opinion, very effective.

“Do you wanna build a snowman?”
But not the typical snowman. The sensory one. In order to create it you have to use as much shredded paper as possible. If you have paper shredder, that’s even better! Draw the shape of a snowman on a piece of paper, then fill it up with the shreds by gluing them.


Snow paint.
Speaking about the snowman…If you want involve your child into a more experimental activity, I recommend making the “snow paint” together. You will need shaving cream, white school glue, lots of glitter and to give it an extra wintery spirit – peppermint extract. First thing to do is to put shaving cream and glue in the refrigerator for about. It can be a couple of hours or even overnight if you want to make the paint the next morning. After bringing glue out of the refrigerator, remember to leave it on the counter for like 10 minutes. Next, mix equal parts of glue and shaving cream regularly checking the consistency. Add glitter and peppermint extract and mix it all together again. When it dries, it should be puffy and nice in touch – perfect for sensory stimulation!

Autor: Joanna
Absolwentka studiów magisterskich na Uniwersytecie Marii Skłodowskiej- Curie w Lublinie, specjalizacja: Filologia Angielska z przygotowaniem pedagogicznym i merytorycznym.

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