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5 places where all parents should take their children to.

As a teacher, I have to confirm that, what children have experience at this age has a huge influence on their mental development and knowledge. In the first years of life mainly parents are the ones who are responsible for sharing information and broadening the child’s mind. Kids who have a great cognisance are regarded as smart and clever, what additionally helps them to develop their self-confidence and socials skills. A child’s knowledge is based on this what his or her parents know and pass their offspring. That’s why I strongly recommend both mothers and fathers, to use every possibility to talk about and explain everything that surrounds their child. 

This introduction was necessary to go forward to the main point of the article. I would like to present 5 places where you, as a parent, should take your child to boost his or her knowledge and spent some time together. But to provide it there is a need of engagement from your side and… a lot of explanation, to share all you know and to give your child an opportunity to gain from all these experiences. 

1) A library
Reading books is one of the best ways of acquainting knowledge. This is a well-known fact for everybody. But nowadays when people tend to read less and don’t buy so many books, there are children for whom written stories simply do not exist. I won’t start giving you examples of advantages of reading books to children. What a great value it has is obvious to the majority. That’s why you can double the benefit of introducing the world of volumes by going to a library. To many it is a magic world where books rule and where you can find anything that might interest you. No matter what it is. Additionally the whole procedure of borrowing a book is very interesting and exciting for children. They like to count how many books they have already read and that encourages them to borrow, read and know more. That is why I recommend you to visit that place and fossick for all the great knowledge and imagination which is hidden between the pages. 

2) A museum 
You might think that museum is not an interesting place for children in kindergarten age. But I can surprise you and ensure you that there is nothing further from the truth. Of course there are some kind of museums where your child will get bored very fast but knowing your offspring good enough to estimate what can interest her or him, you can visit those places without any concerns. Some museums offer special exhibitions for children, where they can not only see the exhibit but also they can take part in different attractions prepared specially for them. 

Below I present a list of 5 museums which I recommend you to visit with your child:
- National Museum in Warsaw 
- National Museum of Ethnography in Warsaw 
- The Narrow Gauge Railway Museum in Sochaczew and The Railway Museum in Warsaw
- The Museum of Hunting and Horsemanship
- The Museum of Technology and Industry

This is of course just some examples of places you can visit. But in Warsaw and other places you can find a lot of different interesting museums which are worth to see. 

3) A zoo
A zoo is a great place not only to get to know different species but also to practice counting, categorizing and naming the colours, parts of the body or even to talk about different places of the world. Additionally it’s time spent outside while walking or even running. What’s more it promotes the awareness by educating people on how to protect animals that face extinction. Going to the zoo is also a good opportunity to talk how to treat animals and how to behave while being near to them. 

4) A theatre 
Going to the theatre develops an appreciation for the arts. Theatre and drama enable children to recognise and express themselves physically and emotionally in a healthy manner. It is also a great possibility to expose them to tales of different cultures, historical events and traditions. Performance arts, through the development of the imagination, promote also creative thinking. Furthermore it can be a valuable time spent together. While going to the theatre you can teach your child how to dress up properly, how to behave during the play and explain the role of actors. 

In Warsaw there are many different theatres where you can go with your child. Below I enclose the listing of recommended theatres
- The Theatre of the Little Spectator
- The Rampa Theatre 
Ř The Lalka Theatre 
- The Maskarada Theatre 
- The Baj Theatre 

5) A forest 
If you have a forest near your place, a trip there is one of the easiest way of spending family time. You don’t need to spend money to go there or buy a ticket. A walk to the wood provides you a great opportunity to relax, have time to speak with your child and focus on tightening the bonds between you and your relatives. In addition you have a chance to educate not only your child but also yourself  :) . Take with you a nature atlas and play checking the names of different species of trees, plants, birds and other wild animals. Pick up leaves and make a collage or make them dry by putting them in a book and collect them. Later on you can play recognizing the species of trees guessing from the shapes of the leaves. 

I hope those ideas convinced you to visit some places you would think are not for your child. Remember that children in kindergarten age acquire a lot of information and are able to understand much more than you expect. The only barrier is their ability to express their knowledge and combine it with this what they already know. 

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