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10 ideas, how to spend time with your child

It is well known that nothing and nobody can supplant one on one contact between parents and children. It is also not a novelty that finding time to spend it with your child is crucial for his or her emotional development and acquiring new abilities. However, nowadays, when parents tend to work more and more and have little free time to spend with their children, having this knowledge can lead straight to a guilt complex and dejection.

That is why, if you are one of those parents, we will try to do our best to change these unpleasant feelings into constructive actions. We hope it will help you to spend more quality time with your child. But even if you are in this lucky group of parents, who spend a lot of their time with children, we have some ideas, which hopefully will help you to have fun and share the best, unforgettable memories with your kid.

Below, we present 10 ideas how to spend quality time with your child:

1.Cook or bake together
There are for sure some meals or cakes that you all like to eat and are easy to prepare. Let your child choose and then help you to prepare it. When it´s ready… just sit and enjoy your meal together!

2.Work on domestic duties 
You will be surprised how much your child is able to help you in everyday household work. Emptying the dishwasher, putting the washed dishes out or just cleaning or wiping up. Kids love to feel being needed. Let them help you and… enjoy more free time

3.Play sports
Kindergarten age is very good to start learning many sport disciplines. Riding a bike, swimming, even short runs or dancing will deliver you a lot of fun and health benefits. Physical activity helps to release body tensions and stress. It simply makes us more happy and energetic.

4.Share hobbies
Every one of us has something that we do with a lot of pleasure. It makes us relaxed and happy even when we are exhausted after a hard day at work. Share your hobbies with your child. Show her or him what interests you and speak about it with your kid. Let your son or daughter talk about his or her interests. Children may surprise you with their hobbies.

5.Visit a museum or go sightseeing together
There are a lot of museums that provide many attractions for children. Think of what would interest your child and you, then you will surely find many places that suit your needs.
Also, simple tours and short walks around the city can deliver you a lot of nice moments. Remember that what is normal for you, can be a new experience and knowledge for your child. That´s why speak as much as possible about the surroundings around you. It will benefit with real and `alive` knowledge that your child will remember much longer.

6. Shopping trip
Going to the shop is a brilliant opportunity to learn a lot. Fruits, vegetables, colours, numbers, tastes, smells and value of money. Each item can lead to another story and interesting facts, which may be obvious to us, but not to children. Help them to explore the surrounding and gain new knowledge that might be connected with already acquired.

7.Have a movie or game night.
Plan and organize the special ‘’Day/evening of entertain’’. Think of activities which will be pleasurable for you as parents and your child and spend this time forgetting about all the problems and world around you.

8. Go on a bike ride or walk together.
This very easy idea is commonly forgotten to use. Outdoor activities oxygenize the brain and cause that we feel more relaxed and happy. During colder days it is also recommended to go outside to toughen the child up. Being outside focus on the nature and your one by one or family contact. Pick up some flowers, leaves, chestnuts or acorns (depending on the season). Smell the trees, look closer to the plants and observe the animals living in the grass.

9. Read a book together. 
Reading books has so many advantages that needs separate article to gather and sum up all of them. But not only reading a book is valuable. You can also look at the pictures and simply talk about what you can see there. Try to arouse kid´s imagination, ask questions and help older children to make up the story.

10. Make a craft or start a project together.
During whole year there are numerous opportunities to make some craft works and projects that enrich child´s knowledge and skills. When the winter´s coming make a snowman or an angle decoration. Practice cutting out, gluing, pasting and other skills, consulting the most important part of it- having fun and spending time together.

Projects are nothing different than gathering information and facts about the world that interest your child. Sometimes kids ask such questions that surprise even the wisest parents. That´s why treat it as a valuable time for all of you where asking and considering many unknown facts may broaden your mind.

You see how easy it is?  We encourage you to use these ideas as often as possible. We hope it will boost your family level of joy and happiness, tighten your bonds and help to bring up happy and smart kid

In the next articles we will give some more specific ideas of spending time together. So follow us on Facebook and our blog.

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