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How to care our child's resistance??

I think we can say that the worst time of flu and diseases that our country has mastered is already behind us. Despite the fact that outside we felt the first breath of the warm wind with the hope that spring is already with us, there are still many viruses and bacteria in the air. Winter goes away and returns again, which is connected with the fact that the weather does not spoil us. What is related to? Unfortunately, our child is once again sick. How to deal with all these weather changes? What to do to make our child less ill and stop getting any viruses and bacteria from their kindergarten friends.

What is the main reason for the decline in immunity child life?

From birth, the child is not much ill. This is because it is protected by antibodies obtained during pregnancy, and later by those that have been sucked in with mother's milk. Unfortunately, with the child's age, the protection it has so far has been declining. This is because the immune system of the toddler is not yet fully formed. In the first years of going to a nursery or kindergarten, the child is very ill.


The first means are protective vaccinations. If a child is very ill, it is worth to go with him for additional vaccinations, especially against pneumococci and meningococci. Thanks to vaccination, we will protect the child against complications of various viral infections. Some doctors recommend that children should also be vaccinated against influenza.

Other means are preparations that strengthen immunity. These preparations are intended especially for those children who often get sick. They are in the form of a suspension with bacteria that cause disease. Thanks to them, the body practices the production of antibodies and becomes immune to them. It is important that these preparations are allowed for small children, even those immediately after birth. The only indication is that the child who starts therapy with this medication is healthy.

Do not overheat your child

Parents should also ensure that their children spend a lot of time outdoors. It is worth going for a walk every day, even in rain and bad weather. All you need to do is dress your child properly to protect them from the cold and wind. However, you should not overheat your toddler - too warm jacket will make your child sweat and catch a cold. In order not to give a chance to illness, the child's immunity can be strengthened with the use of vitamin supplements after consultation with a doctor.

To sum up

We must also remember to take care of the proper hygiene of our child. Remind you about frequent and thorough washing of hands (each time with warm water and soap for a minimum of 15-20 seconds). From the earliest age, he also teaches the child that he would cover his mouth with a hand, not with his forearm and use disposable handkerchiefs, and immediately blow them out after blowing the nose, and make sure that your toddler goes to sleep at the same time every day and sleep well. A child who is tired, much easier and more likely to get cold is also more likely to have other illnesses.

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