piątek, 10 lutego 2017

A winter holidays

Since winter holidays are coming, it is important to remember that we do not necessarily spend our time browsing through the Internet, let our children play on tablets or watch TV. We can more creative than that in choosing a way of spending free time with our family. There are some games and activities that may not be that well known to parents and children and can become good substitutes for skiing, building a snowman together or sledging. 

Winter camping. It may appear as something rather hardcore, but does not have to be. It is enough for your family to have a tent, a source of heat and good food to warm you all up. It is appealing especially for those families that decide to explore some land with breathtaking view included. It is also very adventurous for children who by nature love some unusual stories and events happening in their lives. 

 Ice fishing. If you have an opportunity, show to your little ones that is actually possible to go fishing when it is freezing outside. Imagine their curious faces while waiting for fish to catch their bait. It also teaches them some patience and appreciation to what they achieve (especially if ice fishing turns out to be successful!).


Snowshoeing – This is a good way to introduce your children to skiing, but if they already know how to ski, it would be even easier for them. There are special centers that organize such an activity and have all of the equipment needed. Compared to the previous ones, this method of spending your winter holidays is a quite active one. 


Snow painting – it is just as simple as it sounds. If you stay at home for most of the time either for job reasons, or any other ones, you can still enforce your children’s creativity. It is enough to have a spray bottle and some food colouring. Give it to your children and let them be creative in painting any centimetre of snow they can find on your yard. This is so much fun – I guarantee! 


I hope you find something that you would eagerly use during your winter holidays. Remember to stay safe, happy and healthy! 

Autor: Joanna
Absolwentka studiów magisterskich na Uniwersytecie Marii Skłodowskiej- Curie w Lublinie, specjalizacja: Filologia Angielska z przygotowaniem pedagogicznym i merytorycznym.

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