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Learning English through stories and drama

Storytelling and drama activities are one of the most effective in learning foreign languages. Through them, children develop understanding of themselves and the world around them. This way of learning engages children’s interest, imagination and attention and also develop their language skills in a holistic way. Moreover, storytelling and drama help children improving social skills.

During these activities they can feel free, so it’s the way to express emotions. Of course, there are much more advantages of both of these methods. The most important of them are developing concentraction skills, emotional intelligence, learning strategies, predicting, hypothesizing, guessing skills, positive attitudes. Using drama activities after some story children can show their understanding. It helps young learners asossiate actions, words and meanings in a natural and enjoyable way. Drama provides many opportunities for multi-sensory, kinaesthetic responses to stories and engages children in ”learning by doing”. Below you can find some examples of using storytellling and drama.

Storytelling and drama acivity in one :  

Some drama games, which can be modify 

Storytelling activities (eg. Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell):
- Initial storytelling
Tell the story to the children using mime and gesture to convey the meaning of some verbs and adjective in the repeated pattern on eahc page. 
- Respond with gesture
Tell the story and encourage children to join in wit gestures.
- Correct the animal 
Tell the story naming the wrong animals and children correct you. 

Moreover, ask the child to predict the end of the story, predict the story after showing the cover of the book,  draw some scene from the story. 
To tell the story we can use some tools such as flashcards – cards with the pictures of characters/scenes from the stories and puppets, which children love to see, hear and touch. They will help us to gather children and encourage them to take part in the activities. 

Useful links to practice drama at home: 

Dear Parent, please remember about reading stories before your child goes to sleep! You can also create your own story to retell it different ways. It will develop child’s creativity and his-/her self-confidence.  

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