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Creative Eco Toys

Recently we have been discussing the subject of the environmental problems. It got me thinking about how brilliant idea it is to create some toys that are made from the recycled materials. Here are some ideas (also used in our group) which will probably steal your child’s heart.

Eco Garage – all you need are toilet paper rolls and a big box. Place the rolls, so that they fill the box completely. And…voila! Park your cars inside the holes and just observe how your little ones (especially boys) enjoy they new toy. It really works – we checked! Here is our garage:


Eco Palace – there ar emany variations of it, but the basics are the same: a box, colourful paper, wrapping paper and…some toys. You can be as creative as you wish and from what I remember (from my own childhood), playing in such a palace with some dolls and furniture is a great fun!


Recycled Robot  - children love these kinds of crafts. We need a big box, buttons, toilet paper and paper towel Rolls, paint, bottle caps and basically everything you would like to add. Here are some of my favourites:




And this is the one made by our children:

Eco Table – we need a box (we used a square one) and paper towel Rolls. To decorate, we can use pretty much any material. Here is our eco table (we just had to remind children not to sit on it ).

Of course the Internet is flooded with the ideas for some eco toys, but I decided to present those which we actually „tested” and the usability of which can be confirmed by our preschoolers. Have fun searching and creating then – show your child that a good toy does not have to be bought in a  toyshop.

Autor: Joanna
Absolwentka studiów magisterskich na Uniwersytecie Marii Skłodowskiej- Curie w Lublinie, specjalizacja: Filologia Angielska z przygotowaniem pedagogicznym i merytorycznym.

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